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Covid-19 Travel


UPDATE: As of Saturday, December 12th, The Vagabond's House will not be accepting reservations for leisure travel if your travel dates fall between now and January 11 of 2021. Read the below update of 12.10.20 to understand the reasons for this update. Please call 831.624.7738 if you need our services for essential travel during these dates. Otherwise, please call or book online for any other future date.

Please consider making a donation to your local food bank. One in eight Americans did not have the food they needed last week, no thanks to Covid-19. With the money we are saving by not traveling this December, we might be able to make a difference.


UPDATE: As of Sunday December 13th at 10:00 PM, Monterey County (and therefore Carmel) goes under a
County health department mandated Stay-At-Home order, which is scheduled to last at least until Monday January 11th. If transmission rates continue to rise and hospitals are full, the end date of the order will be pushed further out.

The driving force behind this order is to reduce the opportunities for transmission of the virus and seeks to keep the mixing of households down to a minimum and to restrict all non-essential travel within and outside of the county. The Monterey County order advances the December 3rd
California Health Department’s Regional Stay-at-Home order for Monterey County and names that California Regional order for specifics. In reference to travel, the California Regional order states that, "except as otherwise required by law, no hotel or lodging entity in California shall accept or honor out of state reservations for non-essential travel, unless the reservation is for at least the minimum time period required for quarantine and the persons identified in the reservation will quarantine in the hotel or lodging entity until after that time period has expired”. This state travel restriction went into effect when “at least one Region has an adult ICU bed capacity of less than 15%” (currently Greater Sacramento, Southern CA and San Joaquin Valley). further specifies that “additionally, hotels and lodging entities in a county under a Regional Stay Home Order cannot accept or honor in-state reservations for non-essential travel” and “ can only offer accommodation for COVID-19 mitigation and containment measures, treatment measures, accommodation for essential workers, or providing housing solutions, including measures to protect homeless populations”.

The Vagabond’s House is obligated to advise of the implementation of this order, however it has not been made clear to us how we are to determine if you are traveling for “essential” reasons. We are here for you if you need us, but please understand that by arranging accommodations with us for your essential travel, you should expect the following:

• You must abide by the same Covid-19 mitigation measures that we have in place.
• Our rooms have been stripped down to exclude all decorative items.
• Breakfast may be limited.
• There will be no interaction between the staff and our guests (no daily maid service and the office will remain closed beginning 12.11.20 but accommodations will be made to provide your room key upon arrival).
• Restaurants that remain open are restricted to take-out only.
• Some retail remains open, but limited to 20% capacity.
• Bars, wineries and tasting rooms will be closed.
• Beaches and parks remain open and outdoor activities are encouraged (without mixing of households).
• California, Monterey County and Carmel have fine-enforced face covering mandates in place. You must cover your mouth and nose when outside of your room or car.


While complying with state and county guidelines to help you travel safely, we are practicing the following points to prepare you for arrival. We cannot guarantee the state of any of the following mentioned services, only that as of today our current situation is:

  • Almost all rooms at The Vagabond's House open to the outside (not closed hallways), providing you with fresh unrecirculated air. Rooms 6 and 7 share a hallway that has an exterior entrance that is not enclosed.
  • Considering our temperate climate, The Vagabond's House has no central heat nor air, which means you will not be subjected to recirculated (shared) air.
  • California, Monterey County and The Vagabond's House are all mask required destinations. Please protect yourself, our guests and our staff by wearing a mask when outside of your room. If needed, we can provide you with a mask. Our staff is wearing masks while at work and checking their temperature upon arrival.
  • Our staff is wearing gloves and/or sanitizing their hands when handling items that you will come in contact with.
  • We have resumed the serving of breakfast to your room. For your safety, you will need to receive the breakfast tray at your door (at your specified time).
  • The pass through door to our office is now open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and you can call us any time at 831.624.7738.
  • We are not serving our regular 4:00-6:00 wine and snack buffet, due to Governor Newsom closing bars again as of July 6 (and to discourage group gathering in the courtyard). Inquire with front desk about bottles that you can purchase for safe consumption in your room.
  • Due to the office being closed to public access, the public use of our espresso and specialty coffee machine is not currently available. However, our staff is available to make these coffee drinks for you by request at the office door from 8am to 7pm. additionally by request, we can provide you with an in-room coffee set up.
  • We have hand sanitizer when you need it.
  • We normally like to assist with your luggage, however to travel safely we ask that you pack light or split your items into smaller suitcases. For your safety, we will not be able to assist to your room as usual. There are some stairs at the front of the property and these rooms are up one flight of stairs: #6, 7, 10, 11.
  • We apologize that your room will lack some of the details which you have come to enjoy at The Vagabond's House. For your safety, we have removed decorative pillows, fresh flowers, sherry decanter, fruit and decorative items. You can trust that what you do find in the room has been properly prepared for your protection.
  • To discourage mixed gatherings in the courtyard, some seating has been removed and the fire pit will not be in service.
  • We will not enter your room while you are here. If you are staying more than one night, you may request that we enter to clean your room by placing the "maid service please" placard on your door handle. Otherwise, your room will not automatically be serviced. For your safety, please remain outside the room while staff is inside.
  • We must adhere to a 12 noon check out and 4:00 pm check in, to allow for more thorough sterilization of our rooms.
  • Spa services are unavailable until further notice.