Pet Friendly

photo of tiny dog wearing a sweater

Hi, I'm Sadie

...your Carmel concierge.  Welcome to the premier canine destination. Here in Carmel we can dine with our human companions in many Carmel restaurants and play off leash on beautiful white sand beaches.

A recent yappy visitor was heard to say “The pet friendly Vagabond’s House is a special place for my friends and I. The staff always greet me with a treat!” When you arrive, I’ll show you where they keep the treats behind the desk.

Please ask your humans to notify us if you will be joining them and advise them of our nightly companion fees:

two dogs sitting at a bar
Nightly Fee
$30 per pet
dog with cake wearing birthday hat
dog laying down on the beach

Newton's Paws

· A puppy in motion stays in motion. Please keep these critters on a lead.

· A puppy at rest stays at rest – as long as they are on a VH complimentary pet blanket!

· For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So please, be aware of your dog’s behavior – in both public and private areas.

· Above all, Newton asks that a fellow dog companion never be left unattended in a room. Ask us about our pet sitters.

· Accommodations for service animals should be taken seriously and The Vagabond's House does so in compliance with the ADA.