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At The Vagabond's House we honor Carmel's rich history of art, literature and architecture. Donald Benson "Don" Blanding, best selling mid century poet and noted graphic artist, penned many of his California books while housed at The Vagabond's House. The Vagabond's House Inn was named in 1946 for his poem Vagabond's House. With this website we continue to celebrate his legacy.

Thank you Don Blanding for the quotes:

  • from Home - As Blanding often described himself 
  • from Explore - THE FREE ONES, Drifter’s Gold (1939)
  • from Rooms - VAGABOND'S HOUSE ON WHEELS, The Rest of the Road (1937)
  • from Rooms and Book - THE GUARDIANS OF DREAMS, Drifter's Gold (1969)

All shadow artwork by Don Blanding

Photos and Video:

  • from Specials - dog in tub - Nancy D. Brown
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  • A most special thank you to all Vagabond's near and far! We look forward to welcoming you soon.
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