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Lyrical dreaming retreat - bird symbol on orangeA Residential Dreamers Retreat
with Maureen Boyd Biro

Course limited to 15 participants.
​Early registration recommended.

Do you wonder why we dream, and what your own dreams are really about? Is something significant unfolding in your nocturnal adventures? Become a dream explorer and discover just how significant your dreams are, how often they preview future events and their potential to transform your life. Whether you are just beginning to explore dreams, or already work with your dreams and want to go deeper, this unique retreat will help you discover the amazing wealth of guidance, inspiration, healing, creative energy, and wisdom your dreams offer - even the nightmares that make your heart pound and bolt you from sleep. Dreams are powerful and empowering for those who willing to work with them, and act on the messages they bring.

A Dream Location:

Carmel-by-the Sea is truly a dream setting. Astounding views, stunning white sand shores, shimmering ocean sunsets and a night sky pooling moonlight over Carmel's charming European-style village and gleaming sea will make you feel as if you've stepped inside a dream. Even the fog rolling in off the ocean casts a misty, dream-like spell.Lyrical dreaming retreat - bird symbol on orange

The Vagabond's House, a world acclaimed inn, is your host for this unique and magical retreat. Daily workshops will convene in the spacious and welcoming Carmel Woman's Club, with special gatherings at Carmel's beautiful beach, and fireside in the courtyard of The Vagabond's House led by dream teacher and author Maureen Boyd Biro. With world class accommodations, exceptional dining options, outstanding personalized service, and the passionate, inspiring guidance of a noted psi dreamer and teacher, this promises to be a memorable and transformative experience at a top rated, vacation destination.

The Dream Retreat:

We 'll meet as a group each day from 9:30 a.m to noon, and again from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. with morning and afternoon breaks, and a leisurely catered luncheon on site at noon each day. Our morning will commence with dream sharing and discussion, followed by brief lectures, short films, and interactive instruction in dream exploration techniques. We will work together and in small groups, with Maureen supervising and assisting group discussions. Expect a lively, sometimes playful, sometimes deeper, more soulful approach to dream exploration. Attention will be given to specific kinds of dreams including precognitive, lucid, recurring, and mutual dreams, as well as healing dreams, and dream visitations. Lyrical dreaming retreat - bird symbol on orange

Throughout our time together participants will create their own unique dream journals and customized dictionary of symbols and themes, using a workbook provided for each dreamer. Each day, our dream sharing will evolve as participants acquire skills and techniques to more deeply consider their own and others' dreams. Weather permitting, we will convene outdoors under the full moon for an evening dream circle. Participants will be encouraged to try methods discussed throughout the week, which will include: setting dream intentions to solicit desired guidance or healing in dreams; mutual dreaming; and dreaming for inspiration regarding creative projects. Methods we'll explore include: dream incubation and recall; how to be an effective dream journaler; and different approaches to dream interpretation, always employing a respectful attitude that "the dreamer is the expert of his/her dream." We will also discuss bringing your dream into being and ways to re-enter a dream while awake for continued exploration after the retreat. Most importantly, we'll explore the art of living your deepest and truest dreams.

Each participant may schedule a 20 minute individual consultation with Maureen during non-course hours, or post retreat, to discuss any dream, or any aspect of working with dreams in private conversation. All participants must understand and agree that any dreams discussed during our time together are private, and not to be shared with anyone outside of this course, without explicit permission from the dreamer. Lyrical dreaming retreat - bird symbol on orange

Upon registration, a suggested reading list and links to online information on dreaming will be sent for some pre-retreat exploration, if desired. This is entirely optional but may be helpful to explore. An extensive library of dream books will also be available for your perusal throughout the week. As part of of our dream sharing and exploration, a small altar of tokens and artifacts reflecting dream symbols or intentions will be set up in the center of our meeting space each day. Participants are encouraged to bring an item to add to this display. Example: You've had a dream about a bird that you feel may have been a visit or message from someone who has crossed over. You may want to contribute a feather to our dream display or a picture of the person you've lost. All items belong to the participant and may be taken back at the end of each day.

All meeting places are within walking distance of The Vagabond's House.

Your Tuition includes:

  • 3 days of instruction and dream activities from 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • A portfolio of our schedule and events with daily handouts, including recommended books and resources
  • An evening dream circle with sparkling water, wine and dream inspired savories and sweets
  • A custom Dream Workbook for each participant that you can adapt to use as desired for your own dream exploration
  • An on-site lending library of dream books for your use throughout the retreat
  • Special viewing of short films on dreams and dreaming
  • A private dream consultation during non-course hours or post retreat

Your Accommodations Package includes:

This retreat is hosted exclusively by The Vagabond's House via their Event Package/Dream Retreat. Please contact the inn directly to register for this retreat and reserve your room with full event package, including:

  • Guest Room (room choice is on a first to call or email basis)
  • Dream Space fees
  • Thursday welcome reception
  • Daily breakfast delivered in room
  • Daily on-site catered luncheon buffet
  • One evening dream circle with wine, savories and sweets
  • Final night Dream Dinner at a very special Carmel location
  • Tax and Gratuities

Tuition       Accommodations Package
$925    +      $2040 Single Occupancy
                   $1322 Double Occupancy per person

If you are a local resident interested in participating in this dream retreat, but don't require accommodations, please contact Vagabond's House Inn for registration availability and information.


To reserve, please contact The Vagabond's House by phone 831-624-7738 or by email Enrollment in this retreat is limited. Early registration is highly recommended.

A deposit of $315 will be due at registration. The balance is due and non refundable as of March 4, 2019. Cancellation and trip insurance may be obtained at Allianz Travel Insurance.

Still Have Questions?

Please see Maureen's website for further information or contact Maureen Boyd Biro about the Retreat Dream Course:

For questions about Carmel-by-the-Sea, The Vagabond's House or meals, please contact Thomas Rogers at The Vagabond's House. Ph: 831-624-7738 or Em:

Maureen Boyd Biro

About Maureen Boyd Biro

​Maureen Boyd Biro's twin passions are dreaming and writing. The author of two picture books and a forthcoming memoir, Maureen has worked in nearly every aspect of writing and publishing, from freelance writer and editor, to columnist, children's book author, bookseller, memoirist and associate publisher. She has a decade of expertise in the field of dream studies as a skilled psi dreamer, teacher, and consultant. A frequent conference speaker, Maureen leads writing workshops, dream events, and creative retreats for writers, dreamers, and all seeking to live their deepest, boldest dreams.

A Certified Intuitive Practitioner, Maureen (B.A. – English) is widely published in national and regional magazines and anthologies including: Glamour, Redbook, Woman's Day, Better Homes and Gardens, Family, and DreamTime. Her website,, celebrates her lyrical approach to life and her belief that dreaming, like writing, is a journey of discovery, calling us to express our creative gifts, and to find the music and grace in life's experiences. Helping others to make their own discoveries and supporting them on their journeys is the foundation of Maureen's work.

Click here to see some of Maureen's published work.

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