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Harmonic Balance

The energy centers deliver energetic nutrients and act as filtration systems which help maintain balance for different organ and body systems. Our physical filtration system becomes overburdened when we bombard it with toxins and our emotional filtration system becomes congested during negative thought patterns which trigger the release of stress hormones.

When there is a buildup of emotional residue it is transported and stored in the connective tissue as far from the vital organs as possible for safe keeping until the body is strong enough to process it. If the emotional residue is not cleared, chronic conditions can be cultivated over time. Upon relaxation with these 100% pure essential oils the mind becomes quiet and calm. The congestion in all 7 major energy centers of the body are cleared and balanced.


This blend helps to enhance peace, joy and happiness.  Citrus oils are an especially wonderful choice when seeking a pleasant and happy environment.

Stress Relief

In times of stress these blends may help to calm your spirit.  Allowing your spirit to breath gently, these blends can open you to clarity, calm and creativity.

Sleep Inducing Calm

Calms the spirit and invites a state of relaxation.  Roman Chamomile possesses a strong sedative effect.  Do not plan to drive or concentrate after using this blend.

Sore Muscle Relief

When your muscles are in recovery from physical stress.

Anger Management

Invite calm and restore clarity to diffuse anger.  Orange oil brings asense of joy.  The woody and grounding essence of Patchouli brings meditative calm.

Anti Anxiety

When shaken by anxiety, this blend may help to smooth the edges, balance your rhythm and strengthen you in the wake of a storm.  This blend may also be effective in curbing depression.


Today you need assured clarity of thought and an especially  luminous mind.

Memory and Concentration

These recipes may help enhance concentration and memory retention. In aromatherapy, Rosemary is generally regarded as the oil to usu for memory and concentration.  Lemon, Cypress and Peppermint essential oils can also be helpful in staying focused and alert.

Energize and Stay Alert

These blends can help energize and stimulate when you are fatigued.  If writer’s block plagues you today, give Blend #1 a try!


Coping with grief may be eased by these joyful blends.  Rose Oil is especially helpful during times of grief.


If you find yourself to be easily irritated today, this calming blend may take the edge off, opening your spirit to a sense of calm and clear thought.

Don't Panic

Deadline Approaching? One of these blends may help to ease the panic.

Winter Blues

Escaping dreary gray skies or a snow-covered world back home?  Winter blues or foggy summers involve feelings of sadness, depression and loss of energy. These blends may help ease the symptoms of winter blues.  Citrus oils are emphasized because of their energizing and uplifting qualities.