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Upcoming Retreats Artist & Writers

An Artists' Retreat with Anna Rhodes
Hosted by Vagabond's House
April 7 - 12, 2019
Sunday through Friday

'First Impressions: Exploring Drawing into Painting' - capturing essence, luminosity, mystery through gouache (unique creamy, water-soluble opaque paint used by the Impressionists in layering values, dimension and drama), graphite, mixtures of mediums on prepared panels and paper (more info)

Melanie Bishop

Lexi Retreats by Melanie Bishop
Custom Writing retreats at The Vagabond's House

with Melanie Bishop

"My experience in Carmel at Lexi Retreats was the perfect blend of writing discipline, inspiration, guidance, and spiritual renewal. I have attended other writing retreats and none have elicited the degree of focus and serenity as this one. Melanie Bishop's aura of tranquility coupled with her writing and teaching style enabled all the aspiring and experienced writers to explore a deeper part of themselves, in the classroom and during the individual meetings. And, having the luxury to be able to create amidst the beauty of Carmel and the intimate setting of the Vagabond Inn was an added gift. I invite anyone wanting to revisit past writings or delve into a new writing adventure surrounded by the perfect setting, to reserve your spot now with Melanie Bishop at the next fabulous Lexi Retreat!" —Bonnie Harlan, Nantucket, MA (more testimonials)

Linda Sivertsen

Writing Retreats with Linda Sivertsen’s

February, March, May, June, July, August, September, October, or November

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Melanie Bishop Melanie Bishop
Linda Sivertsen Linda Sivertsen
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