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Lexi Retreats with Melanie Bishop

Lexi [lek-see] noun, Greek for "word". 

word – [wurd] noun, a unit of language; (slang) 1. well-said; 2. said in agreement; 3. can be used as a greeting.

May 19th through May 23rd

Writing Retreat in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

The Vagabond's House

Lexi Retreats celebrates the written word and acknowledges the relationship between internal and external landscapes. As writers, we necessarily spend the majority of our working time exploring the internal—the psychologies of our characters and the intricacies of plot. We tend to spend too much time indoors, interacting with the blank screen or the blank page. Lexi Retreats provides crucial balance by introducing writers to new external landscapes, thereby recharging the senses, restoring inspiration, and generating new material. We blend necessary time and solitude for writing with travel, exploration, companionship, culinary delight, rest, rejuvenation, and finally, celebration of our accomplishments. Let us handle the logistics, while you soak up the color and culture, the textures and tastes, the soundtrack of a new place.

See lodging here and call for availability 831.624.7738 or 800.262.1262
You must state to the reservation agent that you are attending the Writer's Retreat.

Course Tuition

$300 until March 15
$350 after March 15

Tuition Includes

  • First evening class for guidance, inspiration and goal-setting (90 minutes)
  • Daily warm-up/guided writing exercises/trouble shooting (one hour each)
  • Close review/edit of manuscript sent in advance of retreat (up to 25 pages of fiction or nonfiction; screenwriting rates are different; inquire with Melanie)
  • One-on-one manuscript consultation (one hour)
  • Last evening celebration of our accomplishments/short reading from your work
  • Retreat participants also get a discounted rate for continued editing services with Melanie, good for one year post retreat

See lodging here and call for availability 831.624.7738 or 800.262.1262
You must state to the reservation agent that you are attending the Writer's Retreat.

Questions? Contact Melanie.  Cell:  928-420-9120 

Locals welcome!  Please join us by contacting Melanie Bishop directly.


Melanie is the kind of teacher writers dream about. Invested in each of her students, she has the vision to recognize potential and a gift for inspiring growth. Melanie knows the territory of the heart well and that is where she teaches from. I never had a teacher who has cared as much about me and my writing as Melanie has.
--Jessica Roth, writer, student of Melanie’s from 2008 to 2010

I would not be a writer if it weren´t for Melanie. In my first class with her (2007), she was such an inspiration to me that I went on to take every class she taught. Through her love for the emotions that combined words can evoke, she encourages her students to dig out stories they didn´t even know they had.
--Evan Belknap, writer

It was my first writing class with Melanie Bishop—Memoir in 2008--that  inspired me to declare writing as my major.  As a teacher, Melanie is undoubtedly among the best I have ever encountered . She has perfected the precarious balance of making her classes both challenging and enjoyable. She is passionate, not just about writing, but about teaching.  As a student, your successes become her successes. I cannot commend Melanie enough.
--Allie Field Bell, writer

Melanie Bishop is a phenomenal writing mentor. I took her Fiction and Memoir Writing classes  in 2003 and 2004. She dedicates herself to her students, giving painstaking attention to their work through generous, thoughtful comments. She gives assignments with intriguing challenges that invariably reward the writer. The discussions she leads--lively, relaxed, and illuminating--draw students on to their own realizations. At all times, her teaching radiates understanding and love of good prose as well as her contagious wonder at the human species. Teaching writing is Melanie’s calling, and she is one of the best at what she does. Her warmth and wisdom, years after I took her classes, inspire me to this day.
--Sam Reed, writer, MFA Iowa Writers Workshop, Fellow, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown

No other teacher--from high school through graduate school--has had as much of an impact on me as Melanie Bishop has. She critiques with both a critical and compassionate eye, asking the questions that push a manuscript to the next level. Nearly twenty years after the first class I took with her, and after publishing my first book and becoming a writing teacher myself, I still turn to her for help and inspiration.
--Eliot Treichel, author of Close Is Fine

Melanie Bishop
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Lexi Retreats

The Vagabond's House: 4th and Dolores, P.O. Box 2747, Carmel, California 93921
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